Brokers / dropshippers


e-Age World offers wholesale dropshipping services for Brokers

  • Wholesale Dropshipping

We do not drop ship individual items, but rather entire wholesale lots as they are listed on our website.

  • No Fees!

We do not charge a fee for dropshipping. You simply pay for the cost of the goods and shipping to your customer. You are also welcome to use your own shipping carrier if you have any that you work with.

  • Prices for Drop shippers

Prices are set in advance - we do have special pricing for dropshippers.

Want to offer us your stocklots by phone?
Whatsapp +91 99913 33999

Within 12 hours

  • We will contact you and make you an offer if we have interest in your stocklots

Within 24 hours

  • If we come to an agreement, we will pay the agreed payment right away

Within 72 hours

  • e-Age World collects your stocklots
  • You can focus on your core business